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Corporate Services

Corporate Services are specialized services where in-depth and at the same time comprehensive medical device knowledge is required. We combine our strategic and corporate knowledge with our experience. Thus, we are often able to achieve a great benefit for our clients with only a few hours of effort.

Our services are aimed at the medical technology industry and organizations close to it, such as health insurance companies, government agencies, foundations, associations, insurance companies, law firms, consultants or investors.

Below are our services, which we call Corporate Services.

Paralegal Services

It is often purposeful and efficient to combine legal knowledge with MedTech expertise. This is where our Paralegal Services come in.

Based on our expertise, we offer comprehensive paralegal services for all aspects of medical devices and provide support for a wide range of legal issues. This includes everything from checking the legal status of a product, to supporting legal proceedings against authorities (e.g. Swissmedic), to assisting in court proceedings or taking over communication with authorities in difficult situations.

We help develop a strategy, organize and coordinate it, and minimize the risks for your company. As experts in our field, we know where we can bring you specific added value and at which point the involvement of a specialized law firm is indicated. Thanks to a very good network, we can support you in the evaluation process.

As a rule, we advise managing directors, board members or heads of legal services. We are also sometimes commissioned by law firms to carry out in-depth investigations. Before accepting a mandate, we examine possible conflicts of interest. We only accept mandates if this examination is negative.

Scientific Due Diligence

Company takeovers (M&A activities) are constantly becoming increasingly important throughout the life science sector and especially in the medtech sector. There is a large number of auditing firms and law firms that can competently and with a lot of experience accompany and handle due diligence projects. So why do you need an additional scientific due diligence?

Especially in highly regulated markets such as the medtech sector, regulatory issues are of central importance in addition to traditional financial and legal issues. Is the product compliant and marketable? If so, for how long? In which markets? Is the technical documentation complete and correct? What risks does the buyer or seller take? These and other questions are clarified by a Scientific Due Diligence. If we identify deficiencies, our experience often enables us to quantify the investment costs still required to remedy the situation.

Our work complements the traditional due diligence activities of auditing firms and law firms and minimizes the risk of M&A transactions in the MedTech sector. With scientific due diligence, you ensure that you get what you expect.

We have experience in working with audit firms and law firms as we have been involved in various transactions and deals ranging from smaller assignments to transactions in the upper three-digit million range.

As a rule, we advise M&A service providers, investors, companies, boards of directors or managements on the acquisition or sale of companies, business units or products.


Bernhard Bichsel

Bernhard Bichsel

Executive MBA HSG, Engineer in Electrical Engineering FH/STV
Division Leader Business Enabling and Corporate Services