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Due to the new EU Medical Device Regulation, manufacturers face increasing requirements regarding Post-Market-Surveillance (PMS). To support you with your PMS needs we have put together a package of services. With our different PMS packages we support you in bringing your PMS System up to date. If you do not want to bother with PMS, we even offer an outsourcing solution with full PMS & PMCF MDR compliance warranty. Contact us now to find out which of our PMS Packages is best for you.

PMS & PMCF with MDR Compliance Warranty

Are you suffering from an increasing number of post-market requirements in the European market? You don’t know how to handle all of this in the future? We have a solution for you. Our experience shows that PMS & PMCF activities can be analysed, remediated or even outsourced in an easy and effective way.

That is why we developed multiple solutions with a focus on class I up to class IIb devices. All are tailored to your needs, giving you the most value out of your post market data.